ZeoLight IPL is state of the art IPL Laser which uses multiply energies to treat multiple skin conditions including that of hair removal...

Giving the Team a choice of interchangeable applicators ranging from 1cm to 22cm allows us to treat smaller to larger areas in super quick real time. ZeoLight is a system widely used in the most reputable clinics across the country and beyond and is recognised for its efficiency, accuracy and highest standard of safety levels. The Team have now been using ZeoLight for some considerable years and love its ability for the main workhorse of this machine to be regularly updated to continue to give optimum and innovative results to our Clients seeking Treatment.









The ZeoLight IPL machine is a British manufactured...

Medical grade and CE approved ZeoLight aesthetic laser system harnesses 3 technologies producing a powerful combined energy source comprising bi-polar radio frequency (RF) with intense pulsed light and Nd-YAG.


The ZeoLight treats a vast range of dermatological conditions and achieves impressive results in absolute safety with minimal discomfort and downtime.

ZeoLight IPL Machine, Beauty salon in Bolton



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