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BEAUTY BY SONIA was established in April 2000, starting as a Beauty Salon in the Heaton area of Bolton, providing all the essential aspects of beauty Treatments usually associated with the beauty industry. Sonia first started on her own, beavering away to firstly provide a 1st class service of her initially small Treatment menu to Clients who would allow her to showcase her skills to the high standard she set out to achieve!

Within a very short time, much to Sonia’s delight, she became a little more well known and her Clients started to recommend, and share her services with their relatives, friends and work colleagues. It soon reached a point where there were not enough hours in the day and a waiting list for Treatment became necessary. Realising the time was right to start grow her company, Sonia expanded her small team of Therapists and Nail Technicians to take her she where is now.

Expansion for the Beauty Essentials were not the only part of BEAUTY BY SONIA, but over a number of later years the trust she and her team gained from her growing base of Clients  saw her salon evolve to provide ADVANCED MEDICAL GRADED Treatments. The birth and success of THE CLINIC WITHIN allowed BEAUTY BY SONIA to provide IPL Laser, Chemical Skin Peels, High Intensity Focussed UltraSound, Skin Needling, Plasma and so much more. To book one of these Treatments at the BEAUTY BY SONIA beauty salon in Bolton, please get in touch.

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Our Ethos

The mantra of the salon from the get-go was to provide a high quality menu of Treatments which met the high expectations of the Client type the salon had attracted. Listening to the Clients needs also played a huge part in how the salon has evolved into its second phase of the clinic. Being able to offer the two different levels of Treatments was always a dream for Sonia and with a talented, work conscientious and happy team at her side, investment in the most reputable and innovate products and machines, this dream has most definitely turned into reality.




What to Expect

When you arrive at BEAUTY BY SONIA/THE CLINIC WITHIN you will be greeted warmly. Each and every Client is made to feel comfortable and safe in the hands of our extremely experienced team of Therapists, Aestheticians and Nail Technicians, with a combined knowledge and experience of over 60 years!!! Which is a lot of valuable experience!!

The team both love and enjoy the buzz, and the challenges of this ever evolving industry we work in and ensure year on year, that our loyal and lovely Clients are being kept ahead of the game at all times!!  On a few occasions where our Clients have read or seen new Treatments and informed us of these, we have added these to our Treatment menu. So thank you Clients!!

Our place of residence is both beautiful and relaxing! As we understand that self care, no matter how big or small the Treatment may be, needs to be of the highest level, and our private Treatment rooms and soothing music help to achieve this. We are proud that Clients recommend us not only by “word of mouth”  but also through the vast amount of gift voucher sales they are happy to give as gifts to their loved ones and work colleagues. Thus, giving even more people an insight as to what BEAUTY BY SONIA has to offer.

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We believe the reasons to choose a salon like ourselves would be :-

  • Knowledge and experience
  • High standard of Treatments
  • The vast numbers of Treatments

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